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      The Flint Hill Special is a Fully Engraved and Gold Plated Limited Edition Banjo that was hand signed by Earl Scruggs.  These are some of the nicest Banjos that were made by Gibson and this one is in fantastic condition and sounds and plays incredible.

      This has a 3 ply hard rock maple shell with a curly maple neck and resonator.  The hardware is gold and EVERYTHING is engraved.  There is engraving on the flange, armrest, tailpece, tension hoop, tone ring, all of it.  The thumb screws have abalone buttons which is a very nice touch and all of the tuners are gold plated.  This has Gold Keith D Tuners which are original.

      There is a label on the inside that was hand signed by Earl Scruggs which is a huge bonus.

      The fretboard is ebony with a Hearts and Flowers inlay pattern.  There is an extra inlay at the first fret which is how Earl Scruggs banjo was inlaid.  The side of the neck and resonator each have w/b/w binding and there is abalone binding around the side of the ebony headstock overlay and an abalone truss rod cover.  There is even an abalone block on the back of the neck heel. This is a very very nice banjo that had a lot of time and attention put into this.  

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